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Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry


Barach Tamid International ministry is an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry, Quinton operates under the Apostolic mantle and Linda under the Prophetic mantle with a teaching anointing. Together they minister as a unit under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Recently they have started a training course “Purified Seven Times over” written by Linda wherein they teach and equip the Body of Christ to live a life of holiness in and through Christ and operating out of a position where we as the Body are seated with Christ in Heavenly places, in this course they teach the Body of Christ to take up their rightful position and authority in Christ.


Ephesians 2:6(AMP)
6 And He raised us up together with Him [when we believed], and seated us with Him in the heavenly places, [because we are] in Christ Jesus.

The heart of our ministry, is to equip and restore the body of Christ, rebuilding the Church according to the Word of God.

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About our Ministery

Quinton and Linda Chuter are the founders of Barach Tamid International Ministries, which was established in February 2015 in Hartbeespoort; a town in the North West province of South Africa, approximately 60km outside Johannesburg.

Quinton and Linda’s relationship with Jesus Christ began in 2000. Together they have been actively involved in ministry for more than eight years throughout Africa. They were trained and ordained as Pastors under the guidance of Tamim International Ministries.

The name Barach Tamid is Hebrew and was given to Linda in two separate visions. In the Hebrew language, Barach means “to bless” and the word Tamid means “never ending or ceasing or without stopping”. These words are divinely significant to the scripture: Genesis 12:1-3 on which this ministry is anchored,”…….and in you ALL the nations of the earth shall be blessed“.

 The heart of their ministry is to equip and restore the body of Christ, rebuilding the Church according to the Word of God. They have a heart to see families restored by teaching them to function as a unit, according to the Word of God, and as a result of that, impacting the world as a unit for the Kingdom of God.

Barach Tamid is proud to introduce Lady Rose to the world and impart relevant Christian content for women through the Lady Rose – Gift from God Magazine.